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Scientific Evoluton Sàrl team has developped a few products available for sale with free access to the source code (!!) so you can modify them the way you want:

  • Social MCQ/Assessments Builder is a revolutionnary Multiple Choice and Assessment Builder based on PHP/mySQL solution for Corporate Surveys or Training Center evaluations or any other assessment. Our solution is strongly oriented with assisted scientific methods for building and analyzing MCQ (Monte Carlo, K-Means, HAC, Sturges rule, etc.). The assessments can also be shared with any other account and everybody can benchmark or share the results with anyone else or create a public page for HR recruitment process. This make our solution as far as we know the only web 2.0 assessment tool existing actually around the world. The prices depends on the options you choose. Our solution is partially in eight foreign languages and you can log-in with your LinkedIn, Facebook or Google+ account.

    Click here to get more information or here to try for free

  • Microsoft© Office Access© User Security Management Add-In based on VBA only is a code with two forms and two tables that gives you the possibiity to make fine tuning access of all controls inside your forms and therefore also to your reports and queries. These add-in has for purpose to replace the security manager of Microsoft© Access© that is avalaible only for *.mdb files. The application with the code source is available in VBA for 100$ only with free updates, perpetual license and for a unique subsidiary.

    Click here to get more information...

  • Microsoft© Office Project© Corporate Portfolio Management Add-In based on VBA/PHP/mySQL with various valuable functionnalities for Project Managers as a Microsoft© Outlook© like integrated reminder, bidirectional syncing with Microsoft© Excel© files, one-directional syncing with web pages hosted on your corporate website (typically syncing with FullCalendar or Bryntum Ex Gantt), bidirectional syncing with Microsoft© Outlook© calendar, send quick reminders to your team or resources through e-mails, send quick assignation information to your resources through e-mails, additional reports exported to Microsoft© Excel© files, tool to calculate the probability to finish your project in time (beta distribution assumption), calculate quickly a naive model of your project NPV, import Microsoft© Outlook© holidays. The application with the code source is available in PHP/mySQL and VBA for 6,000$ with free updates, perpetual license and for a unique subsidiary.

    Click here to get more information...


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Scientific Evolution Sàrl - Project Management

Request a demo of our simple and inexpensive Microsoft Excel/Microsoft Project portfolio management solution using Excel worksheets as resources timesheets!

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Some news
  • He have realeased a new version of our e-book on Minitab including new features of the v17 (842 pages)
  • Our partner has released our training on the basics of the R statistical software (in french)



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