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In 2015, as far as we know, all MCQ/Surveys builder have almost the same features and these features are very great. But there are all missing the point: build MCQ based on a scientific method, share MCQ/Surveys accross users, share results with some people or with the world, benchmark people knowledge, benchmark assessments accross corporation/world, use MCQ as assessment tool of schools diplomas or MOOC trainings with a special individual public page for HR recruitment process to check how a human performs in a given field in comparison of other people.

If you are a corporation or non-profit instution our Social MCQ/Survey Builder solution offers:

  • Like many other web-based solutions of the same type a tons of free features for schools or individual consultants or SME in 8 languages (unlimited number of MCQ/Surveys, unlimited number of questions, basic analysis, random questions, immediate result or not, export CSV/*.xls). Therefore you can use it also for educational purposes, market research, events organization, customer satisfaction feedback, human ressources assessments.

  • With the business options you can avoid the ads and the PayPal donate button in your MCQ/Surveys, change the logo, remove the copyright banner, change color themes, etc. We also we offer the highest level statistical methods to analyze the results you get and Monte Carlo simulations to build your MCQ, we can also provide to HR office the whole rank list of best performers in a given field. You will be also able to export in SPSS/XML/SCORM format.

  • A robust cache management. Even if students pass an exam and the Internet connection go down they can still continue during 4 hours until the connection come back to submit the results.

  • A PHP/mySQL solution to host it on you own server (at the opposite of LimeSurvey our source code is not free). This is especially useful if you have sensible datas on you don't trust the security of our servers. All updates will be free and new functionnalities will be free.

  • You don't need to create an account. You can just log-in with your Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ account to create new MCQ/Surveys. People don't need to subscribe to participate to a MCQ/Survey but if they don't create an account they will not be able to track all their results during their lifetime, to benchmark them with other people or to share their results with HR recruitement offices.

  • As LimeSurvey you can create your assessments and surveys in only one place. So you can stop to use many third parties solutions like SurveyMonkey, Doodle or others similar. This is especially useful in the case you like these latter web-based solutions but want to host the data on you own servers.


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