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Since fifteen years that our consultants provide advanced consulting and training worldwide on Microsoft Project we always had the same feedback from most of our customers: Microsoft Project Server is too expensive, too complicated, needs too many days of training and a high level of maintenance. Also Microsoft Project Server is a tool reserved to big companies and is too complicate to use and to learn for most small and medium companies. Therefore a simple and easy solution could be to have only the major asked features using only base on VBA automation with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook and a PHP/mySQL web server with fine tunning possibilities and access to the code course without needing to installing anything more.

The advantages of our solution are:

  • You don't need to install anything (no setup.exe/setup.msi). Even if you don't have administrator rights on your machine you just need to use the *.mpp or *.mpt file we will send you after you purchased the license. You can also, if you need to, copy the PHP file that import the the Microsoft© Project© data into your mySQL server on your FTP and change a few very easy settings (database name, username, password, identification key, table name, column names). An installation user guide will be provided to for this purpose.

  • Our solution works from Microsoft© Project© 2010 to Project© 2016 with any recent mySQL database and PHP server and all updates are free once you buy a one site licence (but doesn't work for Macintosh/Linux or any other Mail Client like Lotus Notes, Thunderbird and others). The solution is multilanguage and any new language can be added on demand.

  • You don't need to create an™/Office 365© or Google™ account or any stuff like this to sync your projects with a corporate web page. You just need to already have a host web server provider with a mySQL database and after you can choose any web based calendar/Gantt of your choice (FullCalendar1, Bryntum Ext Gantt1, WordPress Calendar, Drupal Calendar, etc.). So you can now redirect your customers directly on your corporate website to track you projects instead of a Google™ or Microsoft© Office 365© URL.

  • Because we don't use any close solution like Office 365© or Google™ Calendar you can make unlimited fine tunning of what you want to show or not on the calendar/Gantt hosted on you own website because you have full access to the VBA/PHP/mySQL code (remember this code is very small!).

  • We can provide consulting to help you configure our solution to make it work with FullCalendar1 or Bryntum Ext Gantt1 for your hosted website so you can show your Calendars/Gantts to your customers or business partners through web pages. We also provide consulting to help you buy the license of these products (but not the installation, configuration or cutomization!). The FullCalendar1 or Bryntum Ext Gantt1 details can be chosen at your will in read/write mode using JSON to communicate with the mySQL database (for more details see the providers webiste).

  • We have a support that can solve you problems in a median waiting time of 5 open business days and we offer also consulting solution if you need help to develop special functionnalities based on this small add-in code.

1: We do not provide any direct services or licensing with these services and products. We only help you to buy the license and to configure/customize our code to connect to these products (this is what the indicated price includes only: the work to help you buy the product and customize our code)

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