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Impressum Microsoft Access© Security Manager Add-In

Last update: 06.09.2016 10:33
Version: 3.0 Revision 3
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Since the year 2007, when Microsoft has decided to remove the user security tool (User and Group Permissions...) with the new Microsoft Access *.accdb file format, our trainers were requested many times about an alternative solution to this very useful tool. As it seems there were not such add-in avalaible on the market to replace the user security manager tool, one of our developer created a VBA add-in that gives Microsoft Access database creators and administrors the possibility to make very fine tuning of security access of all forms and forms items and providing also a password reset/manager tool with some password policy options1 (with change-log of user actions and user security group templates) and a full access to the VBA source code.

The advantages of our solution are:

  • You don't need to install anything (no setup.exe/setup.msi). Even if you don't have administrator rights on your machine you just need to use the provided *.mdb or *.accdb file we will send you after you purchased the license and import the user control forms and tables and copy/paste 3 lines of VBA code in each of your form.

  • Our solution works from Microsoft© Access© 2003 to Access© 2016 with any form. The solution is multilanguage as you can easily change the legends of the form yourself and the constant values in the VBA code.

  • You can customize the code as you want. It is free of use but you cannot sell it after modification!

  • We have a support that can solve you problems in a median waiting time of five open business days and we offer also consulting solution if you need help to develop special functionnalities based on this small add-in code.

1: Minimal password length can be define and also and option to required strong password can be activated. The administrator can require that the a given user has to change it's password on first log-in and also that all users must change their passwords after a given time.

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